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Our team of experienced specialists makes it possible to implement the most demanding product specifications in collaboration with our customers. The metals stamping tools are manufactured by various qualified tool suppliers in the Netherlands and Europe.

Onwerp & ontwikkeling


We process split coil from cold rolled, hot rolled and pre-galvanized steel. Our presses with press capacities from 63 to 630 tons can place metal stamping tools with dimensions up to 3130 x 1300 millimeters and with up to 30 cutting and forming steps. We also offer the option of deburring by means of sliding grinding and blasting.



The punched parts receive a heat treatment in order to increase the hardness and thus the functional strength of the punched part. For this we have two shielding gas continuous ovens with a capacity of 260 kg/h.



During our surface treatment we use Delta®-Tone 900 / Delta ®– Seal GZ as coating in the colors black and silver. This is carried out in a dip installation with a capacity of 360 kg / h, suitable for mass production. The coating provides protection against corrosion at a very thin layer thickness, up to 8µ Delta®-Tone 900 / 4µ Delta ®– Seal GZ. Our coating complies with the EU guidelines of the End-of Life Vehicle Directive (2000/53 / EC).



Our internal quality management system enables us not only to meet ever-increasing customer requirements, but also to continuously improve our processes. In-process checks with the most modern measuring systems in all production areas ensure the highest product quality. 100% customer satisfaction is the top priority of all employees.



When the services of suppliers (such as for additional surface treatments) are used to supplement the in-house processes, AllPress Metals BV works together with qualified specialists in the Netherlands and Europe, using efficient supply chains 

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